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eCatholic Websites

Getting Started - The Basics

Learn the basics of navigating and updating your eCatholic website

21 tutorials

Core Modules

Learn how to manage each of the Core Modules (like People, Documents, News and more)

14 tutorials

Catholic Content & Modules

Learn how to add specifically Catholic content such as Mass times & Daily Readings

9 tutorials

Video & Social Media

Learn how to embed videos and social media feeds on pages of your website

15 tutorials


Learn how to add images to a homepage slideshow, photo gallery & more

10 tutorials

Online Forms

Learn how to create organized, attractive, easy-to-use online forms

8 tutorials


Learn specific editing tricks that don't nicely fit into the other categories

27 tutorials


Learn how to set up email accounts for your domain and browse other FAQs

5 tutorials

Going LIVE

Learn how to point your domain to our servers and go LIVE with your eCatholic website

1 tutorial

eCatholic Payments

Getting Started

Learn the basics of getting started with eCatholic Payments on your website.

7 tutorials

Donation Forms

Learn how to add and customize a Donation form on your website.

7 tutorials

Payment Forms

Learn how to add and customize payments for an online form on your website.

9 tutorials

Payments Center

Learn how to use the Payments Center to manage transactions, run reports, and more.

6 tutorials


View resources to help you make the launch of eCatholic Payments more successful.

4 tutorials


Learn the basics of BluePay, the gateway associated with your donations and payments.

16 tutorials