Adding content

Adding content to your website is incredibly easy using eCatholic’s drag-and-drop interface and inline editing. Follow these five steps to add content to your website:


Log in and navigate to the page to which you’d like to add content

Log in with your Admin User credentials, then go to the page you'd like to work on. For example, if you'd like to add content to your homepage, navigate to your homepage.

Click on the Add Content button to open the content tray.

The content tray contains different categories of modules that you can drag and drop onto a page. You’ll use the Core Modules most often, but be sure to explore the other module categories as well.


Drag and drop a module onto the page.

Think of each module as a container that holds a particular type of information. Each module’s name indicates the type of information it can hold. For example, if you want to add a form to the page, use the Forms module. If you want to add an event, use the Events module.
Once you’ve identified the type of module you need, just drag and drop it onto the page.

NOTE: To rearrange the placement of modules, hover your cursor over a module and use the orange handle on the left edge of the module to drag and drop it to a new location.


Edit the module’s contents or settings (if needed).

Once a module has been added to a page, hover your cursor over it. In some cases (such as the Text/HTML module), you can simply click inside and begin adding text. Otherwise, you’ll notice some additional controls:
  • Click to edit the module title directly on the page.
  • Use the title icon to show or hide the module’s title.
  • Edit the module settings by clicking on the settings icon.
  • Delete the module with the trash can icon.


Publish your changes.

Once you’re ready for your changes to go live on the web for the world to see, click the green Publish button. If you don’t like the changes you’ve made, note that the Revert button is not a step-by-step undo. Instead, the Revert button returns the page to how it looked the last time it was published. Once you click Publish, you’ll create a new version of the page.

Next step: Design a page with a Sections Layout

Now that you now how to add content to your website, you can design your page with a variety of individual content sections. Check out how to set up and design a page with a Sections layout!

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