How to use the eCatholic Resource Center

The eCatholic Resource Center is one centralized location for education and updates about eCatholic tools and product features. The Resource Center is located within the ? icon in your Product Toolbar and is visible to all website user roles.

To open the Resource Center, simply click on the ? icon in your white Product Toolbar.

The Resource Center contains three distinct tabs; below is a breakdown for each tab.

Quick Start Guides

The Quick Start Guides tab contains step-by-step guides that teach you how to use certain tools and features or take specific actions within your eCatholic website. Quick Start Guides are especially helpful for those users who are new to using an eCatholic website.

To access this tab, click on the ? icon to open the Resource Center, then click on Quick Start Guides. To view a guide, click on the guide title to activate it.

Each guide comes with an individual progress wheel that displays how much of the guide you have completed (pictured above). Completed guides will feature an orange check next to them, indicating you have completed the guide in full.

An orange progress bar also appears at the bottom of this tab (pictured above). Once you complete all the guides, this bar will fill to 100%.

ProTip: Quick Start Guides are "smart", and may only appear on specific pages

The guides listed in this tab are segmented to appear on specific pages based on their subject.

For example: Most guides will appear on your website homepage and interior pages. However, upon visiting your Payments Center you'll notice there are different guides in this tab, to help you learn specifically about your Payments Center.

eCatholic Help Center

The eCatholic Help Center tab contains a search bar that allows you to use keywords to search through and return help articles from the eCatholic Help Center.

To access this tab, click on the ? icon to open the Resource Center, then click on eCatholic Help Center.

When you first open the tab, you will not see any articles present. To return a help article, simply enter a keyword and scroll to find the article relevant to your question.

Click on a link to view a preview of the article. To read the article in full, scroll down and click on Read Full Article button. A new tab will open in your browser window, redirecting you to the full article in the eCatholic Help Center.

eCatholic Updates

The eCatholic Updates tab contains announcements and updates for eCatholic tools, products, services, and more. When there are new announcements, you'll see an orange badge appear in this tab. The orange badge will have a number inside, which indicates how many new updates you have not yet viewed.

If your badge indicates there are more updates than you can see, you can hover your mouse over the Resource Center and scroll down to view all the updates.

Each update will have a link to direct you to another location to learn more about that update.

ProTip: Updates specific to user roles and permissions

Updates and announcements in this tab are segmented based on user role and product permissions, so users will not see information that does not apply to them.

For example: If a user has the role of AUTHOR, they will not see any updates about new releases for website themes, as they do not have permission to update your website theme.

Learn more about website user roles here.

If you notice any issues with your Resource Center, please reach out to the eCatholic Support Team by sending an email to [email protected].

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