Overview of the Payments Center

The eCatholic Payments Center contains a variety of tools you can use to effectively manage your eCatholic Payments account, transactions, donors, and more.

To access your Payments Center, log in to your website, click the down caret next to Websites in the upper left hand corner, and select Payments.

Here's a breakdown of the Payments Center interface.


Transactions / Reporting

When you first open the Payments Center, you will arrive at the Transactions / Reporting tab by default. Within this area, you can:



Click into the Accounts tab to:

  • Create Accounts, or "categories" in which you can organize funds -  Learn more
  • View a list of all your existing accounts and subaccounts
  • Set your Default Account


Donor Management

Click into the Donor Management tab to:

  • View, edit, and manage donor details and recurring transactions - Learn more
  • Enable donors to set up an account to manage their own recurring transactions - Learn more

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