Accounts and Subaccounts

Within your eCatholic Payments account, you can organize your transactions using Accounts and Subaccounts. This allows you to know exactly where your donations and payments are coming from and where they should be going to.


What is an Account?

An Account is a category designating where money is going TO. In most cases, an Account is named after a particular department at your parish, school, or organization.

Accounts can be created and managed in the Payments Center.


What is a Subaccount?

A Subaccount is a subcategory designating where money is coming FROM. Most often, a Subaccount is the page on your website via which a donation or payment is submitted.

Subaccounts can be updated in the settings for a Donation Form or Payments Form.

Example Parish Account & Subaccount Names

  • General Account (Account Name)
    • Online Giving (Payment Form Page)
    • Capital Campaign (Payment Form Page)
  • Youth Ministry (Account Name)
    • Vacation Bible School (Payment Form Page)
    • Religious Education Signup (Payment Form Page)
  • Adult Faith Formation (Account Name)
    • Fall Women's Retreat (Payment Form Page)
    • Bible Study Registration (Payment Form Page)

Example School Account & Subaccount Names

  • General Account (Account Name)
    • School Tuition (Payment Form Page)
  • Athletic Department (Account Name)
    • State Champion T-Shirt Orders (Payment Form Page)
    • Summer Camp Signup (Payment Form Page)
  • Fundraisers (Account Name)
    • Cookie Dough Sales (Payment Form Page)
    • Marathon Meal (Payment Form Page)

How to view your Accounts and Subaccounts

To view your Accounts and Subaccounts, log in to your eCatholic website and click Payments in the blue Admin toolbar to open the Payments Center. Then, click the Accounts tab (pictured above) to:

  • View your Accounts and Subaccounts
  • Edit Account Names or Account IDs
  • Add an Account

NOTE: In the Account tab, you can click the Subaccount name to go to the payment page and view that particular payment or donation form.

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