Refund, partially refund, or void a transaction

Need to issue a refund, a partial refund, or void a specific transaction? Here's how to do so in your eCatholic Payments Center.


Log in and access the Payments Center

Log in to your eCatholic website and select Payments from the product selector in the upper left hand corner to open the Payments Center.


Locate the transaction

When you arrive in the Payments Center, the Transactions / Reporting tab will be selected by default. This tab displays all your transactions in a table called the Transactions List. Scroll through the Transactions List to find the transaction you're seeking.

HINT: Use the helpful Filter and Search Options to quickly locate a transaction. With these tools, you can:

  • View transactions within a specific date range
  • Filter by transaction type, status, or payment method
  • Enter search keywords (e.g., name, email address)

Click the magnifying glass icon to open the Transaction Details dialog

Once you've located the specific transaction, click the magnifying glass icon (located in the Details column of the Transactions List, pictured above) to open the Transaction Details dialog.


Refund or Void the transaction

Once the Transaction Details dialog appears, you can then refund or void the transaction:

  1. If the status of the transaction is listed as Settled, you will have the option to issue a Refund or Partial Refund by clicking the appropriate button (highlighted below).

  2. If the status of the transaction is listed as Approved (i.e., not Settled), you will have to option to Void the transaction or issue a Partial Refund by clicking the appropriate button (highlighted below).

  3. NOTE: Once you void or refund a transaction, the transaction status will change to Pending until the void or refund is officially processed.

Finally, when viewing a refunded transaction's details, the Transaction Details screen will display a record of the transaction's activity, including the refund date and time (pictured below).

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