How to create a batch transaction report with Reconciliation Mode

We've made it easier for bookkeepers and parish business managers to reconcile their bank statements with data in the eCatholic Payments Center. The new Reconciliation Mode clearly groups batches by settlement date and also provides a convenient total batch amount with each grouping.

Here's how to generate a batch transaction PDF report with Reconciliation Mode!


Log in and access the Payments Center

Log in to your eCatholic website and select Payments from the product selector in the upper left hand corner to open the Payments Center. Once in the Payments Center, the Transactions / Reporting tab will display your Transactions List for all accounts and subaccounts within the current month by default.


Filter your transactions (if desired)

In the Transactions / Reporting tab, use the Filter & Search Options to include/exclude specific transactions, accounts, and subaccounts from your report if desired. You can also generate a report based on a custom date range. (Learn more: How to search and filter your transactions to run reports)


Turn on Reconciliation Mode

After you've filtered your Transactions List as desired, toggle on Reconciliation Mode. You will also be able to choose whether to display the transactions in ascending order instead of the default descending order for easier reconciliation viewing. 

Then, the list will reload and your transactions will be sorted into batch groupings.

For easier reconciliation with your bank statement:

  • Credit card transactions will be organized into batches grouped by Settlement ID.
  • ACH transactions will be organized into batches grouped by Reserve ID.

Export your Reconciliation Mode batch report as a PDF

As a final step, you may export your batch transaction report as a PDF file or a CSV file by selecting the appropriate option from the Download options in the top right area of your Transactions List.

When you use the PDF option, it will export a file that includes the settlement information (example below)

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