Annual Statement Signature Image


Adding a Signature Image

When generating the Annual Statement PDF options, users can insert an image. This image appears beneath the "Sincerely," closing and before the typed name pulled from the Signature Text field.

  1. Prepare to generate your PDF Annual Statements.
  2. In the Annual Statements window, go to the Signature Image section at the bottom.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Locate the signature image file you have saved to your computer and attach it.
  5. Ensure you have entered the correct data into the other fields. Click Print.
  6. The Annual Statement PDF file will be available in the Downloads folder of your computer.

Sizing Recommendations

You are welcome to try adding different sized images to see which options you prefer.

Here is an example of a 264 x 123 signature image:

264 x 123

Here is an example of a 286 x 88 signature image:

286 x 88

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