Domain verification using a Meta Tag

In order to use your domain for services such as G Suite, you'll need to verify that you own the domain. One of the ways that Google and others may allow you to verify your domain is by adding a meta tag to your homepage.

Your eCatholic website has an area built in that allows you to easily add this meta tag code with a simple copy and paste. Here are the steps:

The steps below illustrate domain verification within a G Suite setup.


Get the meta tag code

Find the meta tag code provided by the service (in this example, by G Suite) and copy it to your clipboard.

NOTE: You can only verify your domain with this method if your website is presently LIVE at your domain. If your eCatholic website is NOT currently live at your domain, you can verify your domain ownership by adding a TXT record to your DNS.


Enter the code into your website

Open a new tab in your web browser, then navigate to your eCatholic website and log in as an Admin. Go to 1)  Admin > 2) Settings > 3) Google / <head> and paste the code in the 4) Domain Verification - Meta Tag Code field (illustrated below).


Save and Publish your changes

After you've pasted the meta tag code, be sure to click the green Save/Publish button at the bottom of the settings dialog (step 5, illustrated above). Then you'll be able to verify your domain!

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