Domain verification using a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)

There are a number of ways you can verify ownership of your domain. The easiest (and recommended) way to verify domain ownership is to add a meta tag to your site.

However, you can only add a meta tag to your site if it is already LIVE on the web. If you haven't yet launched your eCatholic website, but still need to verify your domain ownership (e.g., to set up G Suite services), you may need to verify your domain using a domain host record, such as a TXT or CNAME. Here are the steps!

The steps below illustrate domain verification with a domain hosted by Rackspace within a G Suite setup.


Log in to your domain host's website

If you're not sure where your domain is hosted, use a whois lookup to identify your domain host. Then log in to your domain host's website to manage your domain records.

NOTE: Your domain host will be listed within the Registrar section of the whois lookup.


Go to the control panel for your domain

Go to the domain name management section for your domain on your domain host's website.

This may be called a variety of names, depending on your particular domain host. Common names include: Admin Panel, DNS Management, Account, Configuration, Zone Edit, Domain Management, or Advanced Settings.


Copy the TXT record values

In a separate browser tab, go to the application that is requiring you to verify your domain (in this case, G Suite, pictured below) then copy the TXT record values provided .


Paste the values to create a new TXT record

Return to your domain name management control panel, then paste the TXT record values provided (in this case by G Suite,) into the section called TXT record.

NOTE: The Rackspace control panel is pictured below. The control panel for your particular domain host may look different.


Save the TXT record

After you successfully add the TXT record, be sure to save your changes. Depending on your particular domain host, the Save button may be called Submit, Apply, or Commit.

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