Registering your Brand and Campaign for texting

Once you've established a Twilio account and your Primary Business Profile has been approved, you're ready to register your Brand and Campaign with The Campaign Registry. This is also known as US A2P 10DLC Registration.

Screenshot of the Brand Registration screen in the Twilio console.

To begin, log in to your Twilio console and use the left navigation panel to navigate to Messaging > Regulatory Compliance > Onboarding.

Submitting your Brand

Follow these instructions for submitting your brand to The Campaign Registry:

  • Company Type - Most eCatholic customers may select US Non Profit.
  • What type of brand do you need? - Most eCatholic customers who are also US Non Profits should select Standard - $44 one-time fee.
  • Enable brand sharing with subaccounts - Most eCatholic customers can select No.

Once all the details have been added, click Register.

Registering a Campaign

Once your brand has been submitted and approved, the next step is to register a campaign with The Campaign Registry. Click Register A2P Campaign to begin.

Follow these guidelines for registering your campaign:

  • Available A2P Campaign use cases - It is important to select the correct use case.
    • If your organization has been verified by Twilio as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, the Charity/Nonprofit use case should be available in this dropdown and should be selected as your campaign use case.
  • Messaging Service - In most cases, select Create new Messaging Service.
  • Campaign Description - Explain the objective or purpose of the campaign. Use or modify the example provided below to fit your specific use case:
    • This campaign sends notification to account holders that they have received a new message. The message includes the sender, a shortened version of the message subject, and a link the account holder can use to view the entire message.
  • Sample messages - Provide at least two examples of a message you will be sending with the campaign. Modify the example provided below to include your organization's name and subject lines for the types of messages you plan to send in Connect. Use the following formula:
    • [Organization / Group Name]: [Message subject]. Full msg: [link] [STOP]

Sample Message examples

    • [Cathedral Knights]: [Help Needed this Sunday]. Full msg: [link] [STOP]
    • [Cathedral Knights]: [Spirit Fest 2024 Volunteers Needed!]. Full msg: [link] [STOP]

Once you submit your campaign for review and registration, you are committing to pay:

  • The monthly campaign use case fee (1.50 - $10, depending on your campaign use case)
  • A2P per message fees
  • The one-time campaign vetting fee ($15)

After submitting, the campaign review process can take several days.

Registering a Phone Number

To start, click Buy a new phone number here to be redirected to the Buy a Number page in your Twilio console. The Buy a Number page can also be found by navigating to Phone Numbers > Manage > Buy a number in the left navigation panel.

On the Buy a Number page, you can use the search criteria to find and purchase a number in your local area code. e.g., If your local area code is "701", set the Search criteria box to Number, then type "701" into the search field.

You may scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Refresh results until you locate a number you prefer to use. Once you find the number you want to use for your texting campaign, click Buy.

Buying a phone number will incur an immediate fee as well as a monthly phone number fee, both of which are typically around $1.

If your A2P 10DLC registration is complete, the next step is to configure the number to be used with your messaging service.

If your A2P 10DLC registration is not yet complete / approved, you must wait until it is approved.

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