Texting as a Nonprofit - Benefits & Discounts

eCatholic customers who are registered as a nonprofit organization can take advantage of reduced carrier fees, discounted rates from Twilio, and other messaging benefits.

Once your organization has applied and is verified with Twilio's Impact Access Program, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits listed in this article.

Nonprofit Benefits

Twilio and the mobile carriers offer specific benefits for nonprofits, including:

  • Improved SMS message deliverability - Twilio customers who have onboarded to A2P 10DLC and are sending compliant messages are seeing up to a 90% reduction in filtering. This improved deliverability results from carriers having greater transparency into message senders.
  • Increased messaging throughput - Nonprofits will receive increased message throughput based on the type of registered messaging use case.
  • Reduced carrier fees (per message) - Verified nonprofits are eligible for reduced carrier fees that will be charged for long-code messaging traffic.
  • Reduced campaign registration monthly fee - The Charity / Nonprofit Use Case incurs just a $3 monthly file, while other campaign Use Cases can cost up to $30 monthly.

You may also receive a $100 one-time credit from Twilio.

For more information on pricing for texting and campaign registration, see our article on Texting fees.

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