Email to parishioners to promote online giving

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Send an email to your parishioners

Let your parish community know about your new donations and payments service. Use the message below to help craft your electronic message, whether sending the entire message in an email, or using it as an article in your news feed that your regular parish e-newsletter can link to. Just be sure to include and link the short url (with page alias) for your online giving page so that readers can immediately click to start giving online today!

Don't forget! Your primary resource for a successful launch of eCatholic Online Giving & Payments is the eCatholic Success Manager who is available to help you utilize these customizable resources and more. To contact your Success Manager and learn how they can help with your specific needs, please email [email protected] or click here to schedule a time to chat!

NOTE: If you are switching over from a previous online giving service, or have offered automatic checking account withdrawal, be sure to first communicate your new eCatholic service to parishioners who have been using a previous service. That way those parishioners already understand the simple steps needed for switching over, and are not taken by surprise when receiving the email introducing the service to all families.

Dear [Parishioner],

Between demanding schedules, traveling, or just trying to get out the door on time for Mass, it can be challenging to tithe on a regular basis as God calls us to do. Plus, for many families, the parish is one of the last places where you still have to use a checkbook or cash. Not any more.

We are excited to share that [ Church Name] will now accept one-time and recurring donations directly on our website! You can make a secure donation via electronic check or debit/credit card by visiting []. And if you choose to set up a recurring gift, you will be prompted by email to create your own online donor account to manage your tithing. It’s as easy as online shopping or banking!

How do you get started?

  • Visit [] from any device with an internet connection
  • Choose a one-time or recurring donation
  • Select your preferred form of payment (electronic check or debit/credit card)
  • Enter your information and submit your donation

It’s that easy!

Provided by eCatholic, the same company that hosts the parish's website, this online giving service has already been a proven success for many parishes, schools, and dioceses. And it makes for safer record-keeping, faster processing, and more efficient communication for the parish office.

Learn more and consider the possibilities for sharing your gifts without the hassle of remembering checks and envelopes. And thank you for all your generous support as we launch this new and convenient way to provide for our growing and thriving parish community! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [ Contact Person] in the parish office at [Phone Number].

God bless,

[ Pastor Name]

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