Letter to parishioners to promote online giving

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Send this letter in the mail to all of your parishioners:

Dear [Parishioner Name],

When prayerfully reflecting on our stewardship gifts of treasure, many have great intentions to commit to a stronger effort of giving to the parish. However, kind of like New Year’s resolutions, life catches us by surprise. Families find themselves leaving for Mass without an envelope, or quickly writing a check as the usher approaches with the offertory basket. Even the surprise of a second collection causes some to turn to their spouse asking for cash. And perhaps when away traveling we know we can mail in a missed gift, but the rush of life, along with our own innocent forgetfulness, catches up with us. I completely understand.

The truth is, most people don’t regularly use checkbooks, we carry less cash on hand, and rarely mail any form of payment or donation these days. We are banking and paying our bills online, and using credit cards or automatic account withdrawal. So why not allow our tithing to fit into our current methods of managing the gifts of treasure we have been blessed with? Now you can.

[Parish name] is excited to offer online donations and tithing opportunities directly from our website. Easily make a secure donation via electronic check or debit/credit card by visiting [parishname.org/give]. You can even take care of a missed gift immediately from a cell phone, or set up an online donor account for regular automatic tithing.

Online giving has been a proven success for many parishes, schools, and dioceses. Plus, it makes for safer record-keeping, faster processing, and more efficient communication at the parish office. Learn more at [parishname.org/give], and prayerfully recommit to the desire of sharing your gifts with greater ease and convenience.

Thank you for your continued generosity, prayers, and participation in the ministry and mission of [Parish Name]. Your efforts make so many things possible for our parish, community, and Church. I hope this new opportunity is something you will find valuable for your own needs.

God bless,

Rev. Father [Pastor Name]

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