Entering a click-to-dial number on your website

Have you ever wanted to add a phone number on your website that someone can click on to automatically dial the number? By following the steps below, visitors to your website can click or tap on a phone number which will initiate a call to that number.


Type the number into a Text/HTML module

First, type the phone number into a Text module.

PRO TIP: Creating click-to-dial numbers is especially helpful for people viewing your site on smartphones and mobile devices.

Create a link

Next, create a link as you normally would: Click to highlight the phone number, then click the link icon in the WYSIWYG editor (pictured below).

Once you click the link icon, the Link dialog will appear. This is where you can define the link's properties. Use the following settings:

  1. Under Link Type, select External.
  2. In the Protocol drop-down, select Other.
  3. In the URL field, enter tel: followed by the phone number you'd like to dial. (e.g., tel:18779321776). Remember to consider country codes if you receive or make calls overseas.
  4. Click the green OK button.

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You can use the social media header icons to easily create a click-to-dial link in your site's header. See How to turn on/off social media icons in the header for full instructions.

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