Text Editor Explained

When you click into a Text/HTML module, the text editor (also known as the WYSIWIG editor) appears. You can use the tools on the text editor to format your text, insert images, add custom code, and more. Here's a description of each element on the text editor.

What are all those buttons on the text editor and what do they do?  

WYSIWIG Editor.png

Toolbar Button Description

Cut the selected text fragment to the clipboard.

Copy the selected text fragment to the clipboard.

Paste content copied to the clipboard along with formatting.

Paste content copied to the clipboard without formatting.

Paste content copied from Microsoft Word or similar applications along with formatting.

Undo or redo the most recent action performed.

Insert an image into the document. See How to insert and link a photo.

Create or remove a hyperlink in the text. These features may also be used to manage file uploads and links to files on the web server. See How to Create a Link.

Insert a link anchor to the text. See How to Use Anchors.

Create a table with the defined number of columns and rows.

Insert a divider line (horizontal rule) into the document.

Insert a special character or symbol.

View or edit the source code of the document (for advanced users)
Apply bold or italic formatting to the text.
Change the font size of the text.
Clear all text styling and formatting.
Apply pre-defined combinations of various formatting options to block and inline elements. See How to change your font color.
Set text alignment (left, centered, right or justified).
Create a numbered or bulleted list.
Increase or decrease text indentation.
Format a block of text as an indented quotation.

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