Preset Account Options on a Donation Form

Are you looking for an easy way for your visitors to designate a specific fund or ministry for their donation to be attributed towards?  For example, 2nd Collections at Mass? Follow these easy steps to create preset account options for a Donation form:

1.  On the Donations module, click on the settings gear.

2.  Enable (turn on) "Preset Account Options".  By default, the field name is Second Collection, but you are welcome to change that here.  You can also add your different Preset Amount Options, such as specific funds or ministries.

3.  Once you click "Add Option", the screen below will appear.  You can decide which  Account you would like the contributions to be designated to. 

4.  Next, enter the Subaccount (or ministry/fund) that you would like the contributions to be designated to. By default, the label (which shows on the form) will inherit the Subaccount name (not shown on the form), but you are free to customize the label if needed.

5.  Lastly, you have the option to enter a default date for the specific Preset Account Option. If a date is entered, when a visitor loads the form, this Preset Account Option will be pre-selected beginning two days before the Default Date and until the Default Date for another Preset Account Option rolls around. This is perfect for timely donations such as 2nd Collections.

6.  Once you click "Save", you will see the screen below, but don't worry, your visitors won't see all the "back end" info, just the label that you entered in Step 4 above. HINT: Drag-and-drop the Preset Amount Options to place them in the order in which you want them to appear on the Donation form.

7.  Once you click "Save" and "Publish", you are all set and your drop-down menu of Preset Account Options will appear on the Donation form.

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