Reordering items within modules

Once individual items are added to a module, you may wish to rearrange the order in which they appear within the module.

The way items are ordered within a module depends on the type of module you're working with. In all, there are three different ways module items are ordered:



Ordering items via drag-and-drop

To change the order in which items appear in a Documents, Links, Forms, or People module, do this: Hover your cursor over an individual item, then click and drag the item into the correct order using the orange handle ( illustrated below).


Ordering items by date

Items within the News and Events modules are ordered based on the date they are assigned.

The News Module

As News items are added (pictured below, left), the latest/most recent news item will appear first in the module. Older news items will appear below. As you add new news items, they will automatically organize according to this method. By default, news items will archive three months after the original News Date.

PRO TIP: A news item's News Date and the Archive After Date can be edited in the item's Advanced news settings tab.

The Events Module

As Events are added (pictured below, right), the next upcoming event will appear first in the module. Events that will occur later in the future will appear below. As you add new events, they will automatically organize according to this method. After the event date has passed, the event will auto-archive and will disappear from the module.

EXAMPLE: If today is May 10, here is how the items within each module would appear on my site:

Turn off the News Date

Sometimes the News Module may be used to announce dates. In cases such as these, to avoid confusion, it may be useful to turn off the news (publication) dates. Check out How to turn off the News Date for full details.


Ordering items by last created/edited

Photo Albums are organized based on when they were last created or edited. If you go to you'll see a list of all your site's photo albums. The album at the top will always be the last album that had a picture added to it.

So if you add three albums: "All About Aardvarks", "Big Brown Bears", and "Cute Cat Cars"  in that order, they will be listed:

  1. Cute Cat Cars
  2. Big Brown Bears
  3. All About Aardvarks

Since "All About Aardvarks" was the first added, it's the last listed. After that, if you then add a photo to the "Big Brown Bears" album, the resulting listing would become:

  1. Big Brown Bears
  2. Cute Cat Cars
  3. All About Aardvarks

RELATED: Rearranging entire modules

To rearrange the placement of entire modules, hover your cursor over a module and use the orange handle on the left edge of the module to drag and drop it to a new location.

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