How to turn off the News Date

As News items are added to the News module, each item is assigned a specific date. By default, the News Date will appear in the module (highlighted below).

If you do not want the News Date to appear for all your site's news items, follow these steps to disable News Dates.


Log in as an Admin

You must be an Admin to turn off News Dates for your site.


Access settings for Events & News

Once logged in, click on Admin in the white Admin Toolbar (Step 1 pictured below). Then click the Settings tab (Step 2), and Events & News (Step 3) will be selected by default.


Toggle Display News Dates to Off

Locate the Display News Dates setting and click Off (Step 4 pictured below). Finally, be sure to click the green Save/Publish button (Step 5) at the bottom of the interface.

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