Viewing and Refunding Transactions in the Form Results Manager

Follow these steps to easily view transaction data or refund/void transactions directly from the Form Results Manager.

Step 1: Open the Form Results Manager

Navigate to a page on your website that contains a payment form. Hover your cursor within the form and click on the Manage Form Results button to open the Form Results Manager.

Step 2: View transaction details by clicking the dollar sign icon ($)

Within the Form Results Manager, you'll notice that each transaction row includes a dollar sign icon ($). Click the icon to open the Transaction Details window.

Step 3: Void or refund transactions within the Transaction Details window

Once you've clicked the dollar sign icon to open the Transaction Details window, you can view all transaction data related to the online payment. From this window you can also:

  • Issue a full or partial refund
  • Void a transaction

(The availability of these functions depends on the status of the transaction.)

Note: Once you void a payment or issue a full or partial refund, all associated transaction activity will display when you click on the dollar sign icon in the Form Results Manager. Instead of the Transaction Details window, you will see the Order Details view after clicking the dollar sign icon. The Order Details view lists all the activity for a particular transaction (e.g., refunds, payments, etc.).

If you want to see the transaction details for a specific payment or refund, click on the view icon (magnifying glass icon) to view the information.

Tip: Make sure your admin users have the proper Payments Security permissions to view payment reports and issue refunds.

Only admin users with one of the following  Payments Security permissions will be able to view transaction data and issue refunds as described above:

  1. "FULL" Payments Security permissions
    "MODULES ONLY" Payments Security permissions +  Payment Reporting and Refunding turned "ON"

Contact your Payments Security admin to request the appropriate security permissions to view reports and issue refunds.

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