How to register a domain name using

Once you have chosen a domain name for your new website, you will need to purchase your domain name through a registrar. We recommend The cost for a domain name will usually run a little under $15 a year and you will need a card to purchase.

If you're unsure of how to pick a domain name, take a look at our blog post, Choosing the right domain name.

Here's how you can use to purchase a new domain name:


Go to and search for your preferred domain name

Enter your domain name into the search field to see if it's available for purchase. If the domain you've chosen is not available, try a different domain name until you find one that fits your organization.


Click "Add to Cart" will inform you if your preferred domain name is available. If you are ready to purchase this domain name, click on the blue  "Add to Cart" button.


Review Cart and Optional Features

Once you are ready to check out, an "Advanced Security + Privacy" feature will automatically be added to your cart. You'll see that there is an optional WhoIsPrivacy feature. This feature prevents others from seeing your e-mail address if they look up records on your domain. Basically, it's an anti-spam measure, but if you're already getting some spam, the chances of this affecting you are negligible, so there's usually little point in buying that.

Special Note: When you purchase an eCatholic website, a free SSL certificate is already included in your purchase.

When you are satisfied with your cart contents, click on the blue "Next Step" button and fill out the purchase form.

Once you are done purchasing your domain name, usually the next step is to go live. You can do that by pointing your domain's nameservers to:

If you aren't familiar with that terminology, simply e-mail to [email protected], send us your login credentials and we will be happy to help you update your nameservers!

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