How to link to an email address

Instead of linking to a webpage or document, you can also use the WYSIWYG editor to create a link that automatically opens a new email message. Here are the steps:


Drag and drop a Text/HTML module onto the page and add text

Click Add Content to open the content tray. Then drag and drop a Text/HTML module onto the page and type or paste your text (i.e., email address) into the module.


Select your text and click the link icon

Use your cursor to highlight the email address you would like to become a link. Then, click the link icon in the WYSIWYG editor to open the Link dialog.


Set Link Type to External

In the Link dialog, use the Link Type drop-down menu to select External.


Set Protocol to mailto:

Use the Protocol drop-down menu to select mailto:.


Enter email address URL

Click into the URL field and type/paste the email address (illustrated below)

You'll need to click OK, Publish the page, then log out to test your email link.

Things to consider when creating email links:

  • We recommend that you use the eCatholic People module to display email addresses. The People module obfuscates email addresses so that it is harder for bots to read and spam those addresses.
  • An email link will open whatever program the visitor has set up on their computer to process email. (e.g., If their computer is set up to use Outlook as the default email program, the email link will automatically launch Outlook, even if they only use webmail (email through a web browser).

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