How to delete and edit Admin User accounts

Here’s how to delete or edit Admin User accounts (Admins, Publishers, or Authors) for your website. 

NOTE: Only Admins can add, delete or edit user accounts as described below.


Open the Admin Users control panel

Click Admin in the Admin Toolbar at the top of the page, then click the Admin Users tab to open the Admin Users control panel.

Click on the Admin User whose settings you want to edit

Once you select an Admin User from the list of all users, the User Profile will appear. The User Profile contains three tabs: Basic, Advanced, and Pages


Edit Basic user options

Use the Basic tab to edit a user's name, role, email address and other account details. Once finished, click Save/Publish.
NOTE: If you'd like to delete an Admin User's account, click the red Delete button.

Edit Advanced user options

In the Advanced tab, you can toggle the following on or off:
  1. Can manage all Events and News - If set to On, the user can manage all items added to any News modules and Events modules on your website.
  2. Can manage bulletins - If set to On, the user can access and manage bulletins on your Bulletins page.
NOTE: The Advanced tab will only appear when editing Publisher user accounts. Admins automatically have access to all features included in this tab.

Edit Pages

The Pages tab allows you to specify which pages a Publisher or Author has access to edit. Click the  green arrows to assign permission for specific pages or groups of pages. Toggle the  blue drop-down arrows to see subpages. And click the  red X to remove access for specific pages.

NOTE: The Pages tab will only appear when editing Publisher or Author user accounts. Admins automatically have access to edit all pages of the site.
Once you’re done, click Save/Publish.

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