Bulletins page FAQs

One cool feature is the Bulletins page, which makes it incredibly simple to upload your parish's latest bulletin. Here are some frequently asked questions about this page:


How do I upload a bulletin?

Uploading a bulletin is simple. After your bulletin is created in whichever publishing software you use (for example, Microsoft Word, Publisher, etc.), be sure to export it as a .pdf file. (To do this, click "Save As" and select PDF as the file type. Or in some programs, you must "print" the bulletin to PDF, for instance via an Adobe Acrobat plugin.) Then, log in to your website and navigate to the Bulletins page. Once there, you will notice a "+Bulletin" button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click it, upload the .pdf file and select a date for the bulletin. It's that simple!


How do I delete a bulletin?

To the side of the pictured bulletin, you'll see a listing of bulletins by date. Move your mouse over the date whose bulletin you wish to delete. You will see a trash can button show as pictured here. Click on that to delete that bulletin. That will delete your bulletin!


Where do I find the Bulletin page?

The bulletin page is built-in to your website, and you will most likely already have a link to it in your Sitemap. If not, just add a link to your Sitemap, and choose "Bulletin" from the list of Internal pages.


Why is the front page of the bulletin I just uploaded not appearing on the Bulletins page?

The eCatholic Bulletins page is built so that the latest, most relevant bulletin remains prominently displayed on the page from Saturday to Saturday. 

Follow this example:

Today is Wednesday, Oct. 22. My Bulletins page currently displays the bulletin from last Sunday, Oct. 19. Today (Wednesday), I finished creating my parish's bulletin for this coming Sunday, Oct. 26, so I figured I would upload it to my website right away.

Once I upload the Oct. 26 bulletin, the front page of the Oct. 19 bulletin will remain displayed on the screen for the rest of the week--until Saturday morning, to be precise. (The Oct. 19 bulletin will also remain highlighted in the archive listed on the page). This allows you to upload this coming Sunday's bulletin early in the week if you wish, while those who visit your site will still see the most relevant bulletin. The front page of the Oct. 26 bulletin will automatically appear on the page on Saturday morning.


My parish publishes bulletins in two languages. Can I upload two bulletins and assign them the same date using the Bulletins page?

You cannot upload two bulletins and assign them the same date using the Bulletins page. A good alternative option is to use the Bulletins page for the bulletins published in one language, then create another basic page to host the bulletins published in another language. On the new page, simply insert a Documents module, which will allow you to upload the other bulletin. 

For example, I will use the Bulletins page to host my bulletins published in English. Then, I will create another page and title it "Spanish Bulletins." On this page, I will drag and drop a Documents module and use it to host my Spanish bulletins.

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