How to identify and bulk delete unused files on your site

Your site’s file storage is finite; depending on the hosting package you've selected, you can host either 1GB (Starter Package), 5GB (Essential), or 50GB (Premium) of files on your site's server.

Over time, unused files will undoubtedly gather in your site’s File Manager. However, eCatholic's File Manager audits your files to identify those that are in use on your website. (Consequently, only unused files can be deleted.) Here's how to identify and delete unused files in bulk to free up storage space.

NOTE: You must be an Admin of your site to access the File Manager and delete files.

Open the File Manager

Log in to your website and click Files in the blue Admin toolbar. This open's your site's File Manager, an interface that allows you to upload, delete, view, and sort your site's files.


Filter unused files

The File Manager includes two tabs: one displays your site's pictures, and the other displays your site's documents. Within each tab, locate the Unused Pictures or Unused Documents buttons (pictured below) to filter and view all unused files in that respective tab.


Select files for deletion

Once you've clicked the Unused Pictures or Unused Documents button to display all unused files, the final step is to select the files you'd like to delete from your site. You have three options:

  1. Hover your cursor over an individual file and click the trash can icon.
  2. Use the individual checkboxes to select the files you'd like to delete.
  3. Click the Check All checkbox above the listing of files to select all unused pictures or documents.
NOTE: If you want to do a bulk deletion of all unused files, use  option #3 listed above.

If you choose options #2 or #3 listed above, don't forget to click the red Delete Selected button to send your selected files to the trash bin.


Permanently delete files

The final step is to permanently delete the files you've placed in the trash bin.

Click Empty Trash to open the Trash Contents (pictured above). Next, click the red Delete All button to permanently delete all your trashed files.

NOTE: If you  don't wish to permanently delete the trashed files, use the blue Restore All button to restore all the files to your site's File Manager.

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