How to view and organize files in the File Manager

You can use the File Manager to easily view and sort pictures, documents, as well as your site's unused files.

NOTE: You must be an Admin of your site to access the File Manager and view/organize files.

Pictures vs. Documents

The File Manager organizes your files into two categories: Pictures and Documents. Simply click the corresponding tab at the top of the File Manager to manage files of each type.

NOTE: Any file that is not an image file will be saved to the Documents tab (e.g., audio files, PDF files, etc.).

Viewing files

Easily browse your files in one of the following views:

  • Thumbnail View (pictures only) - Click the check board icon to display your pictures in the Thumbnail View. This view includes individual file names, thumbnail images, and the unused file indicator (if applicable).
  • List View - Click “List View” to display all files in a list. This view includes the unused file indicator (if applicable), file type, file name, file size, and modified date.

  • Details View - Hover your cursor over an individual file and click on the magnifying glass icon to open the file’s Details View. This view includes the selected file’s name, permalink, resolution (measured in pixels; pictures only), file size, and date modified. If a file is currently in use on your site, the Details View also provides the specific URL location of where the file is being used.


Sorting files

Easily sort your files using one of the following sorting methods:

  • File Name - Sorts files alphabetically by the name of the file. This is the default sorting method; click “File Name” to toggle between sorting A-Z and Z-A.
  • File Size - Sorts files by size; click “File Size” to toggle between sorting largest-smallest and smallest-largest. The dimensions of each file will be displayed in the thumbnail as well as within the image details.
  • Last Modified - Sorts files based on date modified; click “Last Modified” to toggle between sorting new-old and old-new.

Filtering unused files

The eCatholic File Manager audits your files to identify those that are in use on your website. As a result, only unused files can be deleted. This is a safety feature that prevents the accidental deletion of live photos or documents. Here's how you can filter to view all unused files:

  • While in the Pictures tab of the File Manager, click the Unused Pictures button to view all your site's unused images.
  • While in the Documents tab of the File Manager, click the Unused Documents button to view all your site's unused documents.

NOTE: Unused files are marked with the unused file indicator, which looks like a broken link icon (illustrated here). You can only delete unused files from your website.


Organizing files using folders

Click + Subfolder at the bottom of the Folders pane to create a new Subfolder for your pictures or documents. Drag and drop files into the Folders pane to organize them as you see fit.

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