How to upload files using the File Manager

Your site’s photos and documents are stored in the File Manager, which is an interface that allows you to upload, delete, and organize your site's files.

In many cases, you won't need to upload your files directly into the File Manager as described below. Instead, you can upload files directly into a module on your website (e.g., you can upload a PDF file directly into the Documents module). When you do this, the files will automatically appear in your File Manager.

NOTE: You must be an Admin of your site to access the File Manager.

How to upload files

To upload a file directly into your site's File Manager, log in and click Files on the Admin Toolbar.

Once the File Manager interface opens you have the option to upload both Pictures and Documents. You will see an Upload Photos button while you are viewing the Pictures tab and an Upload Documents button when you click into the Documents tab. Click either button to begin the upload process.

Next, navigate to the file on your computer and select the file you want to upload.

If the file's size is less than 1 MB (recommended), it should upload in just a few seconds. If the file's size is greater than 1 MB, it could take a moment to upload to your site.

Is there a limitation on file size?

All image files uploaded to eCatholic websites must be below 20MB and all documents uploaded to eCatholic websites must be below 100MB.

Reduced file sizes ensure quick-loading images and improve performance on your website. For tips and resources on how to reduce the file size of your images, read How to reduce image file sizes.

Sorting your files

To easily locate a file you just uploaded to the File Manager, click Last Modified in the "Sort by:" menu to make the most recently added files appear first.

For more information on organizing and sorting files, check out How to view and organize files.

These files won't appear in your site's File Manager

The following types of files will not appear in the Files section of your website:

  • Documents added to the Bulletins page
  • Images added to a photo album via the Photo Albums module
  • Images added to the homepage slideshow

These types of files are stored separately because of the fact that files in the File Manager can potentially be used on multiple pages on your website. Due to the specialized manner in which Bulletins, Photo Album images, and Homepage Slideshow images are used on your website, they cannot be made available to be used on multiple pages. As a result, they are sequestered and stored outside the File Manager.

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