How donors log in and manage their account (Donor Self-Management)

Donors are automatically sent an account creation email via which they can log in and manage their recurring transaction(s) with your organization:

  1. In case your donor did not create their account initially, here is how you can send an account creation email to your donors - See instructions
  2. Enable the Auto Send Donor Account Creation Emails setting - See instructions

Here's a breakdown of how Donor Self-Management works with your eCatholic Payments account:


Donor receives account creation email

After a donor has set up a recurring donation, eCatholic will automatically generate a "Create Your Account" email via which donors can set up their account.

In the email, donors will be directed to a unique page on which they can choose a username and create a password for their account (pictured below).

NOTE: Once an account has been created, a donor can go to at any time to log in to their account and manage their recurring transaction(s).

(e.g., If your domain is, your donors will go to to log in.)


How donors manage donations

Once a donor has successfully logged in to their account, they will be able to complete the following actions in the Donations tab by editing their transaction details (pictured above).

  • * Change the donation amount (site administrators can restrict a donor's ability to decrease the donation amount)
  • * Change the donation frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • * Change the donation status (i.e., pause or unpause a recurring transaction)
  • Change the date of next charge for their recurring transaction
  • Cancel recurring transaction altogether
  • * Change Payment Type (e.g., from credit card to ACH)
  • Change Credit Card Number
  • Update Credit Card Expiration Date
  • Download a PDF or CSV file of their transactions.

NOTE: If preferred, you can edit/disable the settings marked with (*) in your Payments Settings.

Restarting failed transactions

If a donor has any failed recurring transactions (payment could not be processed due to a decline or error), they will see a notification banner at the top of their screen when they log into their account. They can click/tap the Update button to easily access the transaction details and make any corrections.

Within the transaction details, failed/error recurring transactions will offer the donor a chance to process any missed payments, in addition to reactivating their transaction.


How donors manage account info

Donors can also click into the Account Info tab (pictured above) to edit the email address at which they receive notices of their payments, their mailing address, account password, and more.

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