How to add stock photos to your website

eCatholic Stock Photos is an add-on product that allows you to seamlessly add beautiful photos to your website from eCatholic’s growing library of high-quality images. Here’s how it works!

You can add eCatholic Stock Photos in the following areas of your website:

Here's a general overview of how to use the eCatholic Stock Photos library to add photos to your website.

VIEW THE GALERY of eCatholic Stock Photos here:

Select Stock Photos as your File Source

Whenever you add a photo to your website using one of the methods listed above, you will be prompted to select the File Source for your photo.

In most cases, you will have three options:

  1. Upload - Select an image file from your computer's hard drive
  2. Site Files - Select an image that has already been uploaded to your eCatholic website's File Manager
  3. Stock Photos - Select an image from the eCatholic Stock Photos library
    ( *This option will only appear if you have an eCatholic Stock Photos subscription.)

Select Stock Photos (option #3) to add a stock photo to your website.


Browse the Stock Photos library and select an image

After you select Stock Photos as your File Source, the Stock Photos library will appear. Choose a category to begin browsing for an image you like (e.g., Saints & Holy People, Seasons, Sacraments & Holy Things, etc.).

HINT: Want to take a closer look at an image in the library? Hover your cursor over the image and click the magnifying glass icon to expand the image and see the full view.

Click to select an image, then click the green Select button.


Crop the image

Once you select an image, it will open in the Image Cropper. The Image Cropper provides a preview of how the image will appear in the provided space. Crop the image as you prefer by doing the following:

  • Click and drag the image to determine which portion of the photo will appear
  • Use the Resize Slider to zoom into a portion of the image if preferred

NOTE: If you add a Stock Photo to a Button Module or Image Module, the Image Cropper will not appear. Instead, you will use the standard Image Editing Tools to crop and resize all images within a Button or Images Module.

Once finished, click the green Save button.


Publish the page

Once you've saved your Stock Photo, you will return to the page on which the photo appears. If you like what you see, Publish the page! If not, repeat the process and try another stock photo.

The example above displays a Stock Photo used as a Feature Region image in the San Juan free theme.

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