Understanding Player Types and how to use them

When building an eCatholic LIVE player, you must set it up to be one of three Player Types. The type of player ultimately determines the sorts of content that can be displayed in the player.


Live & On-Demand player

As the name implies, a Live & On-Demand player can display live content and archived content. When the player is broadcasting, it will display the live broadcast. When the player is not actively broadcasting, it will display content from your on-demand archives.

How to use a Live & On-Demand player

  1. Media Page - Place a Live & On-Demand player on a page of your website titled "Media." The player will then provide a one-stop shop of all your live content. Visitors can go there to view live broadcasts as they happen, as well as your public archive of events that were previously streamed live.

Live Only player

As the name implies, a Live Only player displays only live broadcasts. This type of player does not allow visitors to access your on-demand archives.

How to use a Live Only player

  1. Sunday Mass page - Broadcast Sunday Masses on your website and with a Live Only player. Then, you can display the live events you want everyone to see (e.g., Sunday Mass) prominently in your homepage feature region.

Category player

A Category player provides an effective way to showcase a subset of your on-demand archives as a stand-alone player. A Category player will update in real time as archives are added to the selected category.

How to use a Category player

  1. Homilies - Record your Sunday Mass, then simply trim the file in your archive so that it contains only the homily. Next, mark the trimmed file as part of the Homilies category. Go to your website and add a Homilies Category player to the Homilies page. Your visitors will then be able to find and watch all archived homilies for on-demand viewing.
  2. Training Sessions/Classes - Record your RCIA classes, then add a RCIA Category player to the RCIA page on your website. Once you mark each archived recording as part of the RCIA category in your eCatholic LIVE archives, visitors will be able to find all the sessions on the RCIA page for on-demand viewing.

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