How to delete an active archive

The amount of storage available in your on-demand archive depends on the eCatholic LIVE package you've selected.

  • eCatholic LIVE Lite storage: 100 GB
  • eCatholic LIVE Pro storage: 300 GB
  • eCatholic LIVE Premiere storage: 600 GB

To clear up space in your on-demand archive, you can delete one or more active archives by following the steps below.


Go to your eCatholic LIVE archive

To begin, go to the on-demand archive in your eCatholic LIVE portal:

  1. Click the LIVE tab on your eCatholic website to log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal.
  2. Go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Archive Management.

Then, the Archive Management interface will display all active archives (i.e., those that have not yet expired).


Perform a Bulk Action delete

In the Archive Management interface:

  1. Click the box to the left of the archived video's thumbnail image to select it. Repeat for all videos you wish to delete.

  2. Use the Bulk Actions drop-down menu to select Delete.
  3. Click Apply to apply the deletion to all selected files.

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