How to embed content

Use the Embed module to add sophisticated content (such as video or an audio player) on your website. It's quick and easy!

Want to embed a Google Map on your site?

If you're simply wanting to add a Google Map to your website, there's an easier way! Check out How to embed a Google Map on a page for complete instructions.


Drag and drop the Embed module onto the page

Navigate to the page on which you'd like to embed your content. Click Add Content > Social & Embed, then click to drag and drop the Embed module onto the page.


Paste your embed code into the Embed Settings dialog

Once the Embed Settings dialog appears, paste your content's embed code into the designated text area.

NOTE: You can retrieve an embed code from whatever application you’re using to create the embeddable content. (e.g., If you're embedding an audio player from SoundCloud, go to your SoundCloud account to obtain the embed code needed to embed the player.)

Auto-resize the embedded content (optional)

The Embed module allows you to automatically resize the embedded content if desired. Choose Width Only or Width & Height (illustrated below) if you want to configure your content to fill the area in which it is embedded on your site.

As a final step, don't forget to Save and Publish your changes to see your embedded content live on your website.

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