How to embed a Google Calendar on a page

If you use a Google Calendar for your parish or ministry, you can easily embed it into your eCatholic website by following these steps.


Log in to Google and locate the calendar

Log in to your Google account. Then, go to the My Calendars section of your display on the left and click on the Calendar Settings for the calendar you would like to embed.


Select the Integrate Calendar link below the name of your calendar. Then click on the Customize link to the right. (The section will look like the image below)

NOTE: In order to obtain the embed code for a calendar, you must have access to that particular calendar.

Customize the appearance of your calendar (optional)

If you want to change the appearance of the calendar, click on the link to the far right that says  Customize the color, size, and other options. The screen that appears will look like this:

NOTE: The settings of your Google calendar must be set to Public in order for others to view it on your website. Here's how to make your calendar public.

Copy the calendar's HTML embed code

Once you've adjusted the appearance of the calendar to your liking, copy the HTML embed code at the top of the page (directly above the calendar).


Use the Embed module to embed the calendar on your website

Use a separate tab in your browser to log in to your eCatholic website and navigate to the page on which you'd like to embed the Google Calendar. Then, click Add Content > Social & Embed, then click to drag and drop the Embed module onto the page. Paste your embed code into the Embed Settings dialog that appears. Save and Publish your changes to see your calendar live on your site! 

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