Send a one-time login link to a donor

With eCatholic Payments, you can allow your donors to create an account with which they can manage their recurring donations (i.e., change the donation amount, update credit card expiration date, etc.).

However, you may send a  one-time login link to a donor who has not created his/her donor management account. The donor can then update their recurring donation without going through the steps of creating a donor account. Here are the steps!


Log in and go to the Payments Center

First, log in to your eCatholic website. Once logged in, click Payments in the blue Admin Toolbar to open the Payments Center.

NOTE: Only Admin Users with Full Payment Security can send one-time login links as described in this article.

Access the Donor Management tab

Next, click the Donor Management tab to view your complete list of donors.


View Donor Details

Within the Donor Management tab, locate the donor to whom you would like to send the one-time login link email. Then, click the details icon in the Details column for that donor (illustrated above). This will open the Donor Details dialog.


Click the "Send one-time login link" button

Once the Donor Details dialog appears for the selected donor, locate and click the Send one-time login link button to send the email message with a one-time login link.

What does the "one-time login link" email look like?

The email your donors receive will include a button they can use to access their donation details. The message will be personalized with the donor's name as well as the Account Name for your organization.

Then, the donor will be able to access his/her Donor Account and update their donation. Donors will be able to make whatever changes your Payments Admin has enabled for donor self-management in your account's Payments Settings.

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