Correcting the "Exceeded Navigation Limit" error

If you are seeing an Exceeded Navigation Limit error message when logged into your site, chances are you've gone beyond the number of links allotted for your Main Navigation Bar. Look below to learn what it's about and how to fix it.

What is exceeding a navigation limit?

The Exceeded Navigation Limit error displays when there is too much verbiage on your Main Navigation Bar and the site cannot display all the links correctly. 
The number of items that will fit in your main navigation depends on the number of characters used in their names or titles. This refers to the title, or navigation name, of  Level 1 pages displayed in blue and located at the top of the  Site Map
 Take for example "About" or "About Us." The title "About" would take up less room than if named "About Our Organization." Smaller words with fewer characters fit much easier.
If you have an Exceeded Navigation Limit error, your main navigation bar may look like the image below. And you may have additional pages and links not showing.

How to correct it

Here are a few suggestions to avoid receiving the error message while optimizing your site's Main Navigation menu at the same time!


Shorten or abbreviate menu titles

Change words like "Religious Education" to "Religious Ed" or "Sacramental Preparation" to "Sacramental Prep."    


Move pages under broader menu items

Reduce the number of Level 1 pages in the Main Navigation Bar by moving some items underneath a similar category. For example, the "About Us" section can contain the subpages History, Staff, Contacts Us, and Bulletins.


Utilize Quick Links

Another method would be to move some items into the Quick Links region. These could be links and pages used often by site visitors, but that don't necessarily have any subpages to display in the Navigation Bar. Navigation items and pages such as Home, Mass Times, and Contact Us are good for displaying in the Quick Links region.

NOTE: The Quick Link feature is available in all free themes  except Lorenzo, Lourdes, Antioch, and Xavier. If you are using one of these free themes, you will not have the ability to add Quick Links.

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