How to embed code into the head area on pages

There may be times when you would like to embed code into your eCatholic website, in order to track visitors, embed a Facebook pixel, add an external pop-up dialogue, etc. There are two ways that you can embed code into the head tag on your website, and this article shares how you can accomplish each method.

How to embed code into the <head> area for every page.


Navigate to the Google / <head> settings

Once you have logged in to your website, click on the Admin tab in the white Admin toolbar at the top of the page. Then, click on the Settings tab, and select the Google / <head> tab (pictured below).


Add your code

Copy the code that you would like to embed on your website pages, and paste it into the Google Analytics Code / <head> box (pictured below). This could be your Google Analytics code, Facebook Pixel code, etc.


Save you changes

When done, click the green Save/Publish button to save your changes.


How to embed code into the <head> area for a specific page


Enable code box for individual pages

First, you will need to enable the  Additional <head> code field for Pages, Events, and News. Navigate to the Google / <head> tab, which is listed under your Admin Settings (see step 1 above).

Then, under the field  Additional <head> code... select Only Administrators (pictured below).


Open your page settings

Navigate to the page where you'd like to embed your code. When you are on the correct page, select the Page Settings icon, located at the bottom left of your white Page Toolbar (pictured below).


Paste your code

When the Page Settings opens, navigate to the Advanced tab. Paste your code into the Page <head> Code box (pictured below).


Save and publish your changes

When done, click the green Save button to close the Page Settings. Then, be sure to publish your page, by clicking the green Save/Publish button in your Page Toolbar. This will activate the embedded code.

NOTE: A second embed component may be required. For instance, if your newsletter plugin provides you with a second code, simply use the Embed Module to insert that additional code to your web page.

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