Understanding eCatholic LIVE viewer capacity

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about viewer capacity and eCatholic LIVE accounts.


What is a viewer limit?

eCatholic LIVE's streaming packages (both paid accounts and free trial accounts) include limits on concurrent viewers.

Concurrent viewers are the number of live & on-demand viewers able to watch the broadcast at one time.

To see how many viewers your plan allows, please refer to the Plan Usage Summary section on the right side of your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal (pictured below). The Plan Usage Summary lists:
  1. The most concurrent viewers your account has received at one time during a broadcast (for the current monthly billing period).
  2. The maximum concurrent viewers allowed with your current eCatholic LIVE streaming plan.

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What are the viewer limits for each eCatholic LIVE streaming package?

The viewer limits for each eCatholic LIVE streaming package are as follows:

  1. Lite - 100 concurrent viewers for any single broadcast
  2. Pro - 500 concurrent viewers for any single broadcast
  3. Premiere - 1,000 concurrent viewers for any single broadcast

The viewership limits listed above have been temporarily doubled due to the COVID-19 health crisis.


Will eCatholic LIVE block viewers if I exceed my plan's limit?

Here's how eCatholic LIVE handles viewer overages:

  • Activated (paid) accounts - If you have purchased an eCatholic LIVE streaming package, viewers will never be blocked from viewing your broadcasts. Instead, additional capacity is automatically added in 100-viewer increments to accommodate extra viewers.

    Automated emails are sent to all account administrators when you are within 75% of your plan's viewer capacity, or when the capacity is exceeded. The specific capacity limit that defines when additional viewer capacity will be added to your account is also defined in this email. A $20 invoice for 100 additional viewers will be issued for your account if you exceed the specified capacity limit. The capacity added by this process is available for the remainder of your current monthly billing cycle. 

  • Free trial accounts - Like activated (paid) accounts, an email is sent to account administrators when you are within 75% of your plan's viewer capacity. If you exceed the "Lock" threshold defined in the email, your players will be locked for new viewers trying to access your broadcast; existing viewers will not be impacted.

eCatholic LIVE trial accounts

The free 30-day eCatholic LIVE trial period is intended to allow users to set up equipment and run test broadcasts. It is not intended to support actual live broadcasts. As a result, it is recommended that you purchase an eCatholic LIVE streaming plan prior to streaming any live broadcasts.


Can I add viewer capacity to my existing plan?


How can I verify which streaming plan is activated with my eCatholic LIVE account?

To identify the streaming plan activated with your eCatholic LIVE account, log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal. Locate the Plan Usage Summary section on the right side of your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal (pictured below), which lists whether your account is currently on a free trial or a paid streaming plan (Lite, Pro, or Premiere).

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