MassTime™ FAQs

Parishes can use eCatholic's MassTime™ feature to intelligently display Mass times on the parish website. Here are some frequently asked questions about MassTime™.



What is MassTime™?

MassTime™ is designed to eliminate the problem of visitors not being able to easily find Mass times and other key information on your parish website. MassTime™ allows you to activate a small button in the bottom right corner of your website that visitors can use to easily view Mass, Confession, and Adoration times, as well as a map and contact info that will help people get to Mass.


What is the MassTime™ Button?

The MassTime™ button is a floating button that you can activate to appear in the bottom right corner of your website. Site visitors will always be able to click/tap the button to view Mass times and directions:


What are MassTime™ Alerts?

MassTime™ Alerts guarantee those visiting your website on weekends and holy days immediately find the Mass times information they're looking for -- by allowing your website to automatically serve the information in an intelligent popup MassTime™ display.

When you turn on MassTime™ Alerts for specific Masses, here's what happens:

  1. After your site loads, visitors will see an automatic popup MassTime™ display.
  2. The time-sensitive display intelligently features the next available Mass times.
    • If configured, the display will also include a map visitors can use to get directions to your church as well as a phone number.
  3. Site visitors can then use the X icon to close the display and continue browsing your website.

Learn more about the MassTime™ Alert times + see an example.


What does the MassTime™ Display look like?

The MassTime™ Display will appear any time a visitor click on / taps the MassTime™ button on your website.

The MassTime Display includes:

  1. Tabs for Mass, Confession, and Adoration Times
  2. Complete Mass Schedule including Sunday Mass, Daily Mass, and Holy Days
  3. Notes for additional details
  4. Link to your site's live streaming page
  5. Directions to your parish using Google Maps technology 
  6. Phone Number + link to dial (If you receive international calls, consider using a country code)
  7. Google Map to your physical address

What does the MassTime™ Alert Display look like?

The MassTime™ Alert Display will automatically appear on your website if you've turned on alerts for specific Masses.

The MassTime™ Alert Display includes:

  1. Today Tab that intelligently displays the day's upcoming Masses
  2. Mass Schedule displays the day's remaining Masses only
  3. All other elements of the MassTime Display listed above.

Who can use MassTime™?

MassTime™ is a special feature available exclusively for parish websites on the eCatholic platform. It is included in each eCatholic website hosting package. Only Admins on parish websites will be able to access MassTime™ features. (i.e., Schools, Dioceses, and Ministries will not have the ability to access these settings.) If your eCatholic site is not correctly categorized as a parish, please contact eCatholic support.

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