How to create an alternate alias for your page

An alternate alias will allow you to create multiple page aliases for one page. These additional aliases will not change or modify the alias that is assigned to a page when it was created. 

A page alias defines a webpage's URL, and consists of all lowercase letters that appear after the forward slash in the URL (e.g.,  Learn more about page aliases.

A few reasons you may use an alternate aliases for a page are:

  • A current page alias has been updated or changed and does not match a former alias that is used on print materials such as posters or flyers.
  • A shortened URL is needed, but you do not want to alter the existing page alias (e.g., certain social media platforms have limited character counts and a shortened URL may be helpful)

Here's how you can add an alternate alias to one of your website pages.

How to add an alternate alias


Navigate to the page where you'd like to add an alternate alias

Log in to your website and navigate to the page for which you'd like to add the alternate alias.


Access the Page Settings and navigate to the Advanced tab

Once on the page, click the Page Settings icon (located at the bottom of the page next to the + Add Content button, pictured below)

Once your page settings appear, click on the Advanced tab. 


Enter a new Page Alias

Under Alternate Aliases, click on the + Add Alias button. Then, type in your alternate alias (pictured below).

Click the green Save button to add the alternate alias and to save the page settings. Then, be sure to hit Publish button to activate the alias for your page.

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