How to change a page alias (URL)

Use short, memorable Page Aliases (URLs) to make it easy for people to find a particular page on your website - especially if you'd like to print a page URL on marketing materials.

Whenever you add a new page in the Site Map Editor, you assign the following items:

  • Navigation Name - The title that appears in your site's navigation menu.
  • Page Name - The title that appears at the top of the new page.
  • Page Alias - Defines a page's URL (e.g., The page alias must consist of all lowercase letters; it cannot contain spaces or special characters.

By default, the Page Alias will match the Page Name you enter when creating the page for the first time. If you'd like to customize the Page Alias to be something different than what was originally assigned, follow these steps.

Changing a Page Alias will break any existing links to the page

Please note that changing a Page Alias from its original value will break any existing links to the page.

For example, if you have publicized a specific page alias (e.g., on flyers or other marketing materials, that specific URL will no longer be active once the Page Alias is changed. Similarly, if you’ve manually created any links to the page whose alias is being changed, you will need to manually update those links to point to the new page alias once the change is made.

If you'd like to lean how to avoid breaking existing links when changing a page alias, check out alternate aliases


Navigate to the page whose alias you'd like to change

Log in to your website and navigate to the page for which you'd like to customize the alias.


Access the Page Settings

Once on the page, click the Page Settings icon (located at the bottom of the page next to the +Add Content button, pictured below).


Enter a new Page Alias

Clicking the Page Settings icon will open the Page Settings dialog. Once open, locate the Alias field, then click CHANGE, which will allow you to delete the existing alias and type in the new alias.

Once finished, click Save.

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