Managing your homepage slideshow

The homepage slideshow is an important element of your website. So before you start uploading photos and creating slides, it’s important to understand some fundamental concepts to make sure your slides look their best.


Know your slideshow format

When you first set out to build your website, you chose a theme and a homepage layout in the  Design Studio. Different layouts include a variety of homepage slideshow formats.
Here are the five possible formats you can choose:
  • Standard slideshow - 650 x 325 pixels (2:1 aspect ratio)
  • Wide slideshow - 975 x 325 pixels (3:1 aspect ratio)
  • Full slideshow - 1440 x 480 pixels (3:1 aspect ratio)
  • Full XL slideshow - 1440 x 810 (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Empty/None

If you're not sure which slideshow format you're using, click on Design Studio in the Admin toolbar. Then click Change Layout and locate the layout that is marked with the green Published icon.


Know the size of your slideshow

Once you’ve identified your slideshow format, you'll know the exact pixel dimensions of your slideshow (listed in Step 1 above). All photos in your slideshow will be cropped to those exact dimensions.

If you try to upload a photo that doesn't contain enough pixels, it will be rejected. For example, an 800 x 400 px photo does not contain enough pixels to fill a 975 x 325 px slideshow ( illustrated below).

Next step: Upload a photo to create a slide

Now that you understand these important concepts, the next step is to upload a photo and create a slide.

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