Parishioners Not Receiving Emails

If a parishioner contacts you because they are not receiving emails sent through the ChMS please follow the steps outlined below.

Check the Family Record and Member Record emails to be sure the proper notification boxes are checked.
Verify that the Family Record and/or Members are not Inactive or Deceased.  If you are sending emails through the Religious Ed Module verify that the student record member status is not marked Inactive.
Verify the family and member records to be sure they are valid emails.
Confirm with your parishioner that our emails are not landing in their Spam or Junk folders. We also suggest that you ask your parishioners to check other folders that are currently in their email account.
If the parishioner has accidentally hit unsubscribe contact customer support with the unsubscribed email, have the parishioner contact [email protected] and our team will remove them from the unsubscribe list.
If the primary email is a parishioner's work email and it is being blocked, ask the parishioner to provide you with an alternate email address.
Once you have gone through Steps 1 - 6 the parishioners email provider may be blocking party emails in which case the parishioner will need to work with their provider to fix this or provide another email option. The ChMS currently has a 99% approval reputation which means we are not typically blocked by another email provider.     
Tip:  After sending out a mass email to run the Email Exception Report. The Email Exception Report accepts a date range and produces a list of all email exceptions (undeliverable, deferred, unsubscribes, bounced) for all emails being sent from your database. 

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