How to add a Facebook Page feed

Adding a Facebook Page feed to your website is incredibly easy using eCatholic's Facebook module. Here are the steps:


Drag and drop the Facebook module onto the page

Navigate to the page on which you'd like the Facebook Page feed to appear. Then, click Add Content > Social & Embed > then drag and drop the Facebook module onto the page.


Connect your Facebook Page

After you drop the module onto the page, the Facebook Settings dialog will appear. Enter your Facebook Page ID or URL to connect your page, then click the green Save button.

Accepted Facebook username formats

To connect your Facebook Page, enter your Facebook username in one of the following formats:

  • Enter your Facebook Page ID without the @ symbol (e.g., eCatholic), OR
  • Enter your full Facebook page URL (e.g.,

Edit the module settings (optional)

You can customize the way the module appears by editing the following settings:

  • Show Stream: Select ON if you'd like a stream of your Facebook Page's content to appear on the page.
  • Show Faces: Select ON if you'd like profile pictures of people who like your Facebook Page to display within the module.
NOTE: If you decide to set both Show Stream and Show Faces to OFF, the module will display your Facebook Page ID, profile picture, cover image, number of likes, and a Like button that visitors can use to like your page.

Once you Publish the page, your Facebook feed will appear on your live website and will match the style of your eCatholic theme.

Why is my Facebook feed not showing up on my site?

If you've followed the directions for adding a Facebook feed to your website and it’s still not showing up, try these two things:


Check your Facebook account's visibility settings.

If your visibility settings are restricted, you may need to set your account's Country and Age Restrictions to be visible to everyone.


Check your ad blockers

Sometimes you find that someone else is able to see the feed, but you are not. In this instance, check to see if you are running any ad blockers, such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Purify. Facebook looks like an advertisement to ad blockers, so be sure you whitelist your site in any ad blocker you have.

If you are still having difficulties seeing your Facebook feed, please contact our support department at [email protected] or 877-932-1776 ext. 2.

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