How to add a X (Twitter) feed

X (Twitter) requires that users be logged in to their account in order to view tweets. That means if a visitor on your website is not logged into their X account, they might not be able to view your feed.

We apologize for any disruptions this may cause on your website. While these updates are out of our control, we are continuing to monitor Twitter’s policies and will update you with any further changes.

For now, if you’d like an alternative way to connect visitors to your X account, check out how to use the social media icons or a links module on your website.

Adding a feed of Tweets to your website is incredibly easy using eCatholic's X (Twitter) module. Here are the steps:


Drag and drop the X (Twitter) module onto the page

Navigate to the page on which you'd like the feed to appear. Then, click Add Content > Social & Embed > then drag and drop the X (Twitter) module onto the page.


Enter your X username to connect your account

After you drop the module onto the page, the X Settings dialog will appear. Enter your X username, then click the green Save button.

Accepted X username formats

To connect your account, enter your X username in one of the following formats:

  • Enter your X handle without the @ symbol (e.g., eCatholic), OR
  • Enter your full X profile URL (e.g.,

Once you Publish the page, your X feed will appear on your live website and will match the style of your eCatholic theme.

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