How to import transaction data into PDS

Easily generate a structured CSV file of your eCatholic Payments transaction data that you can import directly into your PDS software. 


Log in and access the Payments Center

Log in to your eCatholic website and select Payments from the product selector in the upper left hand corner to open the Payments Center.


Download "PDS" CSV file of transactions from the Payments Center

Then click on the "PDS" link above the list of transactions to download a CSV file of your transactions formatted specifically to be imported into PDS. See Downloading Reports for full instructions.


Open PDS to begin your data import

After successfully downloading a PDS-formatted CSV file of your transactions, open PDS. Once open, click File > Import Data > Import Fund Information.


Locate and select your data file

In the File Information tab, click Browse. Then, navigate to and select the PDS-formatted CSV file of transactions that you just exported from your eCatholic Payments Center. Verify the data in the preview pane, then click Next.

NOTE: Be sure to leave File Includes Field Names/Header checked.

Set up envelope ID and fund

In the Key/Env Number tab, select Env ID from the Use this Key from Import File drop-down menu.

Next, map Env ID to the PDS import key you’d like to use. In this case, select Family/Member ID/Envelope Number. Then select the fund into which contributions should be imported from the Fund Number to Post Contributions drop-down. Click Next.

NOTE: If the desired fund does not appear in the Fund Number to Post Contributions drop-down in PDS, try closing the importer and starting again.

Map the columns from the PDS-formatted CSV file to PDS fields

In the Contribution Details tab, map the columns from your PDS-formatted CSV file to fields in PDS. The column names from the CSV file should match the PDS fields, so simply match the names using the drop-down menus (illustrated below).

Before proceeding, be sure to click the radio button so that Assign Next Available Batch Num is selected. Once finished, click Next.


Import data

In the Process tab, click Begin Import. Review the import log to look for any contributions that didn’t import successfully. Also, review the summary report at the bottom of the window to verify the data.

Important notes:

Accounts & Subaccounts vs. Funds & Activities

Funds and Activities in PDS are somewhat related to eCatholic Payments Accounts and Subaccounts. When you import contribution data, PDS will try to match Activities listed under the Fund you select with Subaccounts in the CSV file (the Subaccounts are listed under the “Activity” column in the CSV file to make mapping the columns easier).

The names of the Activities in PDS and the CSV file must match exactly. If PDS cannot find a matching Activity in the selected Fund, the contribution will not be imported.

If you are an existing PDS user and a new eCatholic Payments customer, you should set up your Accounts (in the Payments Center) and Subaccounts (on Payment or Donation Forms) to match the Funds and Activities you already have in PDS (and vice versa if you are an existing eCatholic Payments customer and a new PDS user).

If you are an existing PDS user and have already started accepting payments through eCatholic, you will need to change the names of your Activities in PDS before you can begin importing contribution data.

Member IDs

In order for PDS to match a contribution to a family or member, your parishioners must enter their member or envelope ID into any payment forms from which you want to import data. Any contributions without a member ID will not be imported.

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