Uploading videos to your site

If you wish to upload a video to your site we highly recommend using Vimeo or YouTube. (In fact, you may have noticed that all the videos on our help desk use Vimeo.)

How to easily embed videos on your website

Here's why we recommend using Youtube or Vimeo for your video hosting needs

  1. If you upload a .mov file and embed it on your site manually, it's very likely that a portion of users will not be able to view the video. And the same thing is true if you use a .mp4 or any other file, because of the way the video would have to be embedded. Vimeo and YouTube are viewable by almost all parties and this will make your video available to the widest audience.
  2. Video streaming services have much more bandwidth available for streaming video, as that's the most demanding type of information transferred on the Internet.
  3. Vimeo and YouTube save several different copies of your video at different resolutions. This enables for them to gauge the connection speed of the visitor and give them the best copy for their Internet connection's speed.  Without this, people on slower connections will likely have the video play for a few seconds before it has to stop to buffer the video, then play and then stop to buffer, etc.. The constant starting/stopping will cause many users to just close the video.
  4. It is far easier to use the YouTube or Vimeo module than manually embedding a video.
  5. You can see exactly how many people viewed your video via your YouTube or Vimeo account.
  6. Visitors can add the video to a watch later playlist to view at their convenience.

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