Change your homepage layout

The Design Studio tab in the blue Admin Toolbar allows you to edit site-wide design elements such as your website's theme, color palette, and homepage layout.

This article explains how to easily change your website's homepage layout in the Design Studio.

How to change your homepage layout


Open the Design Studio

To begin, click on Design Studio in the blue Admin Toolbar. Once open, the Design Studio will display your site with the theme and homepage layout that are currently published.


Click Change Layout to browse homepage layouts

Click Change Layout at the bottom of the Design Studio to open the Homepage Layout dialog. Then, browse the homepage layout options available with the theme you've currently selected.

You’ll notice that different layouts offer unique features. For example, you can choose to have buttons on your homepage (and how many), the size of your homepage slideshow, and the arrangement of your homepage content areas.

Select any layout, then click Save.

Incompatible layouts

Your currently published homepage layout may not be supported if you've selected a new theme. If this is the case, the Homepage Layout dialog will display a notification (illustrated above). As a result, you'll need to select a new layout from the options that are displayed.


Preview your site's new design

After you've selected a new homepage layout, you can preview your site's new design settings before publishing. Use the Device Display icons to preview your site on screens of different sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


Publish your new design

You can continue experimenting with different homepage layouts by repeating steps 2-3 as outlined above. Once you're ready for your website to be live using your new design settings, click the green Publish button at the bottom of the Design Studio.

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