How to schedule a simulated-live broadcast

A "simulated-live" broadcast is a live stream of a video file from your on-demand archives. To put it another way, it's a "live" broadcast of something that isn't actually happening live.

With eCatholic LIVE, you can select a previously recorded broadcast (or even upload your own video content), then broadcast it "live" on a day and time of your choosing as a "simulated-live" broadcast. Once you set up the simulated-live broadcast, it will stream live to your players just like a regular live stream. In fact, you can also choose to simultaneously broadcast the content to other platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

NOTE: Simulated live broadcasting requires an eCatholic LIVE Pro or Premiere subscription; it is not included with a Lite subscription.


Go to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal

Log in to your eCatholic-powered website and click on LIVE in the blue Admin Toolbar to access your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal.


Access your Broadcast Schedule to add a broadcast

Once in your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal:

  1. Go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Broadcast Schedule (pictured below).

  2. Once the Scheduler opens, use the Add a Broadcast drop-down menu to select Add a simulated-live broadcast (pictured below).


Select the video content for the broadcast

Next, you need to select the video content you'd like to stream. You can either:

  1. Use the drop-down list of archived video content to choose the file you’d like to stream as a simulated-live broadcast.

  2. Upload the video file to add it to your eCatholic LIVE library.
    • If the video content has not previously been broadcasted in your eCatholic LIVE account, you will not see it in the drop-down list of archived content and must use this option.

      To upload a video file, go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Archive Management > Upload a Video (pictured below).


Schedule the broadcast and define your settings

Once you’ve selected the video content for the broadcast, edit the following settings:

Simulated-live Broadcast Settings

  • Start Time - Enter the time you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to begin.
  • End Time - This field will automatically update based on the length of the selected video content.
  • Title - Enter the title of the simulated-live broadcast.
  • Viewer Access - Select whether you’d like the broadcast to be Public or Private.
  • Facebook Live - Select whether you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to be published on Facebook Live.
  • YouTube Live - Select whether you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to be published on YouTube Live.

Once finished, click Add Broadcast. The simulated-live broadcast will then be added to your streaming schedule!

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