How to schedule a simulated-live broadcast

A "simulated-live" broadcast is a live stream of a video file from your on-demand archives. To put it another way, it's a "live" broadcast of something that isn't actually happening live.

With eCatholic LIVE, you can select a previously recorded broadcast (or even upload your own video content), then broadcast it "live" on a day and time of your choosing as a "simulated-live" broadcast. Once you set up the simulated-live broadcast, it will stream live to your players just like a regular live stream. In fact, you can also choose to simultaneously broadcast the content to other platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube Live.


Go to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal

Log in to your eCatholic-powered website and click on LIVE in the blue Admin Toolbar to access your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal.


Access your Broadcast Schedule to add a broadcast

Once in your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal:

  1. Go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Broadcast Schedule (pictured below).

  2. Once the Scheduler opens, use the Add a Broadcast drop-down menu to select Add a simulated-live broadcast (pictured below).


Select the video content for the broadcast

Next, you need to select the video content you'd like to stream. You can either:

  1. Use the drop-down list of archived video content to choose the file you’d like to stream as a simulated-live broadcast.

  2. Upload the video file to add it to your eCatholic LIVE library.
    • If the video content has not previously been broadcasted in your eCatholic LIVE account, you will not see it in the drop-down list of archived content and must use this option.

      To upload a video file, go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Archive Management > Upload a Video (pictured below).


Schedule the broadcast and define your settings

Once you’ve selected the video content for the broadcast, edit the following settings:

Simulated-live Broadcast Settings

  • Start Time - Enter the time you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to begin.
  • End Time - This field will automatically update based on the length of the selected video content.
  • Title - Enter the title of the simulated-live broadcast.
  • Viewer Access - Select whether you’d like the broadcast to be Public or Private.
  • Facebook Live - Select whether you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to be published on Facebook Live.
  • YouTube Live - Select whether you’d like the simulated-live broadcast to be published on YouTube Live.

Once finished, click Add Broadcast. The simulated-live broadcast will then be added to your streaming schedule!

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