How to edit the status of email receipts for recurring donations

When turned on, the Recurring Donation Email Receipts feature will send email receipts to donors for each settled transaction of a recurring payment (weekly or monthly). 

The  Recurring Donation Email Receipts feature has two settings:

  • ON - Donors will receive an email notification after each recurring payment (weekly or monthly) has settled. 
  • OFF - Donors will not receive any emails about settled transactions.

Only eCatholic users with a  FULL Payments Security Role will have access to edit the status of this feature. This setting is located in Donor Details, within the Donor Management tab.

This article outlines the steps to manually edit the status of Recurring Donation Email Receipts for an individual donor.

Note: Beginning July 2020, the status of email receipts for every new recurring donor will be defaulted to ON. The status of any recurring donors prior to July 2020 will be defaulted to OFF, but can be activated at any time in the Donor Details.


Navigate to the Donor Management tab

Log in to your website and navigate to the Donor Management tab in your Payments Center.

  1. Click on the Payments tab in your Admin toolbar.
  2. Navigate to the Donor Management tab.


Locate the donor and open their Donor Details

Once in the Donor Management tab, all of your donors will appear in a paginated list. Use the  Search field to locate the donor you wish to edit. Once located, click the details icon (located in the Details column, pictured below) to open an individual donor's details.


Edit the status of Recurring Donation Email Receipts

After you've opened the Donor Details, you can edit the status of the donor's Recurring Donation Email Receipts by selecting ON or OFF (pictured below).

NOTE: Any edited fields in the Donor Details dialog will appear highlighted in blue.

Once you've made the necessary edits, be sure to click the green Save button. Donors will now begin to receive receipts for each settled transaction of a recurring payment.

Donors are also able to login to their donor account and edit the status of these receipts for themselves.

For more details about editing recurring transactions for a donor, read Manage recurring transactions in the Donor Management tab

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