Custom logo with site name dimensions

Want to change your site's Header Settings to include a custom logo next to your Site Name (illustrated below)? Simply open the Header Settings dialog near the top of your site, and then select Both so that both a custom logo and site name appear in your Site Title. (If your theme does not display Both as an option, make sure Logo is set to On.) Then, use the lists below to learn the specific dimensions at which you should upload your logo based on your site's theme.

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Displaying a logo at maximum logo resolution

To display your custom logo at maximum resolution, use the Recommended image dimensions column to identify the optimal dimensions at which you should upload your custom logo file.

Note that your custom logo will actually display at a smaller size than what is uploaded. The values listed in the Logo size displayed on site column are the size at which your logo will actually display on your website.

Essentially, it is recommended that you upload an image that is twice the size of the actual logo region. This means twice the amount of pixels will be packed into that region, allowing your logo to display at a crisp, high resolution.

Themes compatible with Sections Layouts

Custom logos with site names are not available for themes: Vita, San Juan, Lucca, Moser, Cascia, Turin, Verona, Loyola, Lourdes, Xavier

Theme Recommended image dimensions Logo size displayed on site
Eden 140 x 140 70 x 70
Cyprus 288 x 234 114 x 117
Damascus 124 x 148 62 x 74
Sinai 140 x 140 70 x 70
Tabor 200 x 200 100 x 100
Lorenzo 132 x 166 66 x 83
Santiago 318 x 318 159 x 159
Krakow 250 x 190 125 x 95
Porres 240 x 242 120 x 121
Bethany 210 x 210 105 x 105

Themes not compatible with Sections Layouts

Custom logos are not available with site names for themes: Milan, Padua, Guadalupe, Avila, Cupertino

Theme Recommended image dimensions Logo size displayed on site
Antioch 144 x 144 72 x 72
Sebastian 160 x 160 80 x 80
Chamblanc 164 x 164 82 x 82
Clairvaux 100 x 76 50 x 38
Carmel 576 x 150  288 x 75
Siena 300 x 300 150 x 150   
Traditions 2.0 224 x 224 112 x 112
Molokai 220 x 220 110 x 110
Assisi 140 x 220 70 x 110
Lisieux 240 x 240 120 x 120
Hippo 120 x 120 60 x 60
Summit 250 x 250 125 x 125
Base 300 x 300 150 x 150

Identifying your site's theme

Not sure which theme your website is using? Log in and click Design in the white Admin Toolbar at the top of the interface, then click Explore Themes. Your site's published theme will be marked with the green Published badge (pictured below).

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